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MyEmoticons lets you add hundreds of free emoticons to Gmail. Start sending emails with unique and funny smileys to all of your friends. To begin using Gmail smileys, all you need to do is download MyEmoticons. It's 100% free and super simple to use. With it you'll get all the Gmail smileys you've ever wanted! Stop waiting and get start using emoticons for Gmail!
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Have you ever wondered if someone was being serious or joking in an email, but the true meaning was lost in translation? Don't let that ever happen again. Use email emoticons so that everyone your recipients knows what you actually meant to communicate. Trying to be funny? Send out an animated emoticon for email that won't stop laughing. Or not feeling too well? Let your message show that with an upset email smiley. Whichever feeling it may be, don't let it to interpretation. Use email emoticons from MyEmoticon!

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