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We have lots of yellow msn smiley faces so we thought we'd create a diverse race of colorful msn smileys. They're a lively bunch of msn emotions - watch out! We gave them a glossy look by polishing them a little to really make them sparkle. If you're looking for vibrant msn emotions for your msn messenger chats, get using these with your msn friends. There's a range of gleaming msn smileys bursting with msn emotions and expressions who are waiting to capture your attention. Who said msn smileys have to be yellow? We know that's the universal skin color but who decided that? We decided to bend the rules and paint our msn smileys several different colours.

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Msn smileys for girls and boys

We've design our msn smileys for girls and boys. We don't discriminate when it comes to showing msn emotions. There are male expressions in there too. Just because they glimmer doesn't mean they're for cute msn emotions for msn messenger girls only. The yellow grinning msn smiley is a really sunny character. The red happy msn smiley really shimmers. The pink snoring msn emotion dazzles even whilst sleeping. We love 'shock'. It's a small 19x19 pixel msn emotion but it totally captures the expression. The wink is rather wonky but we like it that way. You could even use these msn smileys in emails. Emails can get so dull so think about brightening them up and expressing msn emotions by inserting one of these little msn smileys.

The yellow breed of msn smileys

If you prefer the yellow smiley breed of emoticons, you'll want to go to our page of moods emoticons. There are some highly energized msn smileys in the moods emoticons collection. If you prefer your msn smileys to be a little less energetic, you'll find msn smileys who have been taught to sit still in the collection too.

Avatars are another option. Ever tried moody avatars? Use an avatar to show how you're feeling or use it to fake a mood. These avatars work with Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger (or Windows Live Messenger).

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