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Oo la la. Accessories. Can't afford to buy real diamonds? Too lazy to take actual advantage of a hair brush? Or not stylish enough to pull off lipstick as a man? How about some eyeglasses... to simplify your communication on MSN Messenger and throw in a few comedic spiffs. Because it's more abrupt... to interrupt a punch-line with a picture, than with a word. And some people are allergic to actual perfume.

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How much easier it is, then, to buy charm in a necklace than from a personality? And how much easier to download a FREE emoticon for messenger than a necklace!? And the emoticon might be a PICTURE of a necklace! Sooo... hearsay. Let's get together. And put this together. Real soon. Accessory time! Where are my sun glasses, people? Download them now.

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