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Download a plate. A kid finding the Aficomen! A child reading the Torah. For Passover. It's my favorite holiday, thank god. Isn't it amazing... that a man could split the Red Sea? Or was he Jesus? I wonder if there is a practical explanation. But I don't believe in explanations. I believe... in miracles. And it was amazing.

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I believe in Passover. But sometimes... I need emoticons to enunciate my expressions. So I download emoticons. MSN emoticons for Messenger. Because it's how I type. It's how I text. It's how I celebrate Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah and... Passover! Because it's all about the Matzos!!! So seriously, just click here to download... emoticons! No, do you know what? It was Moses. It was Moses... who split the Red Sea.

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