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I am... doe eyed. I am so sad. Barely walking home... I'm crying. Do you have something to cry about? Do you have something that you're so sad about? Because I have. I am soo sad. My face is blue. The tears... are crying down my face. There is so much to be sad about. Soo many bad things have happened to me. I want to cry. I want to send an emoticon... that is sad.

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There are sooo many emotions. There is sooo much to deal with. How do people deal with all these emotions? They are so powerful. I want to cry. I want to make... other people cry. How do I do this? With MSN emoticons for Messenger, I can make other people cry. I can make... other people feel my pain. I am so sad. They should be sad. I can make others feel with my emoticons. And so... can you. Just download... these emoticons, today. click here to download

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