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Are you happy? Do you wish to... taunt somebody? Say... na na na na? Well, we have an emoticon for that. And we have an emoticon to make fun of people. And to be happy! Or... are you TOO HAPPY? Do you want to... roll around on the ground hysterically laughing? Do you want to smile broadly from ear to ear like a crazy person, split your smile wider, longer, like the Joker, from Batman?

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Well, let's not have creepy thoughts. Just BE happy. Jesus (my god), the world is too complicated today. Just be be happy. See peoples'... purple faces smiling, laughing... chomping on the merriment of their theatrical success. Goofy faces... showing teeth... when they are not smiling BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT FORMED RIGHT. Let's just use... MSN Messenger emoticons for happiness, today. click here to download

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