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These bad boys free emoticons have sure got some attitude. They're on the verge of being called, 'adult emoticons'. They think they're soooo smooth and they want to show it. It's all about kudos and respect. These msn smileys know what they want. They want everyone to see them.

They're free emoticons so what's stopping you? A lot of people have downloaded them, they're our most popular collection. Use these bad boys free emoticons in msn messenger chats and you'll gain instant respect. We've tried it and it works. And by the way, girls can use these free emoticons too. We know some 'bad girls' who love them.

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Are they adult emoticons?

One thing we would recommend is to be careful who you're sharing these free emoticons with. Some people might think they're adult emoticons because they're rude emoticons - dick head, finger msn smileys etc. These adult emoticons illustrate rather unsatisfactory behavior. They might be free emoticons but they're rough around the edges - stinky, sleazy dirty emoticons but they love it.

Sense of humor required

We think the whole bad boy persona is funny but make sure the people you're sharing them with will think they they're funny free emoticons too. We didn't create these free emoticons to cause offense. It's just for fun. For example, whilst we wouldn't recommend you go around shooting people, our free emoticon of smiley being shot, is one of the funny adult emoticons.

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