UPDATED September 1, 2009

Policy Overview

This Privacy Policy pertains to the use of the "MyEmoticons" web site Except as provided in this statement, GreenTree Applications SRL will not disclose, sell or rent any personally identifiable information without the user's proper consent. The GreenTree Applications SRL user is given final word on whether or not to share such information with GreenTree Applications SRL. Please use discretion, because GreenTree Applications SRL cannot be held accountable for the use, collection or distribution of personal information freely provided by users with any of our tools or services. Be aware that information provided spontaneously by the user in such ways is not under the control of GreenTree Applications SRL and might be observed, collected or utilized by third-party agencies and organizations. If you post your phone number in your profile (as an example) we cannot be held accountable for the consequences. For questions or concerns about our information and policy practices, contact the GreenTree Applications SRL Policy Manager as provided at the end of this policy.

Information Retention

To preserve the integrity of website databases GreenTree Applications SRL procedure may be is to retain information submitted by users for an indefinite length of time. By submitting information to GreenTree Applications SRL you are consenting to store that information indefinitely. If required by applicable federal or state law, such as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA,) GreenTree Applications SRL will scramble and/or encrypt that information to make it unrecognizable. GreenTree Applications SRL will also respond to written user requests to scramble account information. If you wish to make such a request, which will require you to verify your identity, please contact us.

Minors and Child Online Privacy Protection Act

This web site and MyEmoticons is not intended for minors. We make no attempt to collect personally identifiable information from minors, especially children under the age of 14. We believe children should have permission from their parent or guardian to use this site, or MyEmoticons, or to submit personal information to us. Therefore, this site is not subject to the Child Online Privacy Protection Act. If you allow your minor child or a child for whom you are a legal guardian or caregiver to access and/or provide information to this web site, you agree that you will be solely responsible for the online conduct of the minor child. You agree that you will be solely responsible for monitoring that child's access to, and use of, this web site. And, you agree that you will be responsible for any consequences of the child's use of this site.

Information Collection and Use

GreenTree Applications SRL will only require personally identifiable information at the time of registration (which may occur during comment submission or during other activities available on GreenTree Applications SRL). This information might include zip or postal code and the country of residence. This information is used to identify you as a unique user within GreenTree Applications SRL and will not be shared with any other party without your consent and notification.

Information about members that is not personally identifiable may be used anonymously for purposes of advertising, demographic collection, market research data, anonymous reporting and to better tailor our content and services to our user's needs. This type of information will not include any data that identifies users as an individual, such as email address, home address or telephone number. If the user provides such information as part of an optional promotion, contest, survey or similar program they are subject to the separate privacy rules and expectations of each individual program.

In addition to on-site advertising, GreenTree Applications SRL may advertise products, companies and events that we think might interest you through the email address you provide if you choose to receive such solicitations. The user is always able to ask GreenTree Applications SRL not to contact them with such information again. Users will not be included in promotions, contests, submission opportunities, solicitations or other programs unless they opt-in. If you receive unsolicited email from a GreenTree Applications SRL domain, please contact us. Please note that GreenTree Applications SRL may be required to share information in order to investigate, prevent or enforce suspected or confirmed illegal activities, including without limitation: fraud, threat or potential threat to the physical safety of any person, violation of our Terms of Service and/or User Agreement or as otherwise permitted or required by law. GreenTree Applications SRL may also be required to disclose such information in order to comply with subpoenas, warrants, court orders or legal process or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

Cookies and Tracking

Cookies are pieces of data stored by your web browser containing information related to your usage of GreenTree Applications SRL. They are most often used to quickly and easily connect you with your GreenTree Applications SRL account information and do not contain personally identifiable information. They may also be used to estimate our audience size for advertisers, to track the number of entries in GreenTree Applications SRL promotions, sweepstakes and contests, to identify the areas of the site you visit, to hold session information and to track your user preferences.

In addition, GreenTree Applications SRL allows third-party advertisers on our site to place or recognize cookies on your browser. Such cookies are subject to that organization's Privacy Policy and are not covered by our Privacy Policy. For privacy information related to this usage consult the website and privacy policies of the advertiser in question.

Using browser settings you can accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or request to be notified when a website attempts to place a cookie. Please be aware that automatically rejecting all cookies may compromise the ease and convenience of your GreenTree Applications SRL experience.

IP Addresses

Your web browser automatically reports your current IP address each time you access a web page. Your IP address may be stored in our database. GreenTree Applications SRL may use your IP address to quickly address tech and usage concerns reported by our members, to tailor our advertising to specific geographic areas, to estimate the number of visitors from geographic areas and to uniquely identify GreenTree Applications SRL visitors to aid in enforcement of our conduct policies.

Logging of User Information

Your browser automatically transmits information to the web sites you visit, including GreenTree Applications SRL. Such information may include referral data (what webpage sent you to GreenTree Applications SRL, IP addresses and your browser version). GreenTree Applications SRL collects this information to help us improve our services and moderate the site. All information automatically submitted by your browser is anonymous. GreenTree Applications SRL also logs the information you submit through registration, forms for optional programs, surveys and other entries, cookie data and communications transmitted through GreenTree Applications SRL applications. Only authorized GreenTree Applications SRL staff members have access to your information in its entirety. Other GreenTree Applications SRL staff may have access to portions of this information as required by their duties.

Information Security, Editing and Deletion

GreenTree Applications SRL users may change their account and profile information at any time. When appropriate, user transmissions to GreenTree Applications SRL may be encrypted to provide information security. Please note that while users may delete any information in their accounts, that information and the account itself may be kept intact on our servers for an indefinite period to ensure database integrity.

Notification of Changes

Our security and privacy policy are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary. In the event that this Privacy Policy is updated, GreenTree Applications SRL will post notification on this site if there are any material changes in our privacy practices. Users are encouraged to review the Privacy Policy periodically.

Staff Contact

For technical questions, problems or other issues relating to your use of GreenTree Applications SRL, please contact us. Our Policy Manager will respond to all requests sent through mail or email from members and parents interested in knowing more about what personal information is stored on the GreenTree Applications SRL database, or if they want their personal information nullified, or have additional questions regarding privacy. Greentree Applications SRL. Attn: Policy Manager email at: on this page for our latest and new emoticons and free smileys. We're always adding more free emotions to the collection and trying to meet a whole range of free emoticons and free smileys needs and emotions.

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