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So do you know what? In the 19th century it used to be all the rage... dioramas. Big rooms... embraced by curved walls... painted with a foreign landscape. It was like the movies! No more reasons... to go to Versailles. Because you've been to Versailles! You've seen a diorama. You can see a diorama at the Met.

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So you're wondering... what do these emoticons have to do with THAT. Well... do you WANT to go to France. Do you want to go to the Netherlands? There's no reason to go to the Netherlands. Because you've seen these emoticons. The Dutch... they obviously wear the Sydney opera house on their head. And the French have their curly... moustache and a black and white striped shirt. And you've seen cartoons... so no airplane. No travel. Just emoticons. You can click here to download.

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