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You just never know when you might need this free emoticons sign collection. We've compiled it out of free emoticons we randomly created when we had the need to. Then we found out free emotions sign language is more fun and faster than words. The simple signs ideas we had were used to create this funny free emoticons collection. Try it for yourself with the symbols below. You might use some more than others - we think the full inbox free emoticon could be a popular one.

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Using random free emoticons

We like using the scorecards instead of figures as free emoticons to rate things on a scale of 1-10. The 'talk to the hand' is a fun free emoticon to use when you're bored with the conversation and don't agree with what your messenger buddy is talking about. The 'blah' free emotion has the same effect. Use three 'blah' free emotions together to really get the message across. Or, keep it short and simple with the 'no' sign. We've also created some traditional free emoticons signs such as danger, no entry, peace and mod.

This page of sign free emoticons is rather random so we figured you might like to explore randomness further with our free random emoticons. The same sense of humor is needed for the page of the best rude emoticons we've found on the web.

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