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'The random collection': we have to admit it, we are quite random people at My Emoticons and we add to this collection when we feel random. Sometimes random things happen and we need random free emoticons to freely express emotions. This little free emoticons collection is truly random but very funny. We've created some random free smiley faces to try out too.

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Be spontaneous!

You could say this collection of free emoticons is rather 'hit-or-miss'. We'd agree. There's a small chance that some of these free emoticons might come in useful. We love our slippy banana skin free emotion. It's fun to take a chance sometimes and create free emotions without knowing when they'll be used. Spontaneity is cool. You might ask what's the point? It is purposeless but that's why we like it. We never know what free emotions are going to need expressing. And yes we know the football World Cup only happens every four years but we thought we'd be prepared and keep this free emoticon on the site. We like to recycle our free emoticons.

A random idea

If you like random ideas you might like our Emoticon Critic pages. We looked around and saw that no one has reviewed all the free emoticons out there. That's right; no-one is helping people find free emoticons. Of course there are ads, but they're biased. How do you know where to find the best free emotions? There are thousands of sites out there that relate to free emoticons (or free smileys - the same thing in our world). We decided to act like your personal shopper and do the searching for you to present you with the best free emoticons on the web - in our humble opinion!

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