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Hack. Hack. Hack. What if you have a name that starts with an H? That's amazing! So why wouldn't you want to introduce yourself with a little fanfare? When we started making MSN emoticons for Messenger we thought you might want to bring a little sense of humor to it! Like, the most boring part of a conversation... my name is. Blah blah blah. Hassan! Although... maybe that shouldn't have been a yellow smilie!?[paragraph] Because if Hector (the big warrior from the Brad Pitt movie Troy) would have been introduced with a banner and a ticker tape parade, then why shouldn't you be introduced with a little fanfare? A little smilie with hands... holding up your name tag. Free emoticons for MSN messenger! Do you have a name?

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it's good for funny situations when you're meeting someone in a chat room for the first time, or you're revealing yourself from your screen name. who is awesomeboy2009? That's the PERFECT TIME FOR A SMILIE. or... if you have a crush. what a better way to show your crush than to draw something special around his name - or her name.?[paragraph] MSN emoticons for Messenger. They're for everybody! And there's no better way... to introduce yourself... than to write your own name!

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