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Get dressed up and be in disguise. A disguise is an appearance used to create the impression of being somebody or something else (if you're someone well known you could refer to it as being 'incognito'). So why not be a little devil for the day? Ever tried doing it with msn emoticons? It's very funny. With free msn emoticons on offer, it won't cost you a cent. Play fancy dress with our free msn smileys.

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Use your imagination

Be as imaginative as you like. Cover up what you don't like and reveal a new look with these funny msn smileys costumes. Enter the world of make believe. Smiley loves to put on a guise for msn messenger. We reckon he needed some camouflage for that very bright yellow skin to really be in disguise, so we started sewing msn smileys costumes and making hats to go with them. Hair dye came in useful too.

Our favorite disguised msn emoticons

Ever wondered what disguise is really all about? We like the joker msn smiley dress the most. Smiley's a cheeky character so it suits him well. It's a good icon to use to express cheeky, mischievous msn emotions. The punk guise works quite well too - the blue hair really compliments his yellow skin! So give it a go, put on a false front and let the charade begin. The alternative is to use these msn smileys to suggest a new look for your friends. Whatever you do with them, have fun with the funny little msn emoticons.

If this disguised collection has got you thinking, why not create an alter ego with our funny alter ego emoticons. Think Clark Kent - turn yourself into Superman and save the day. What would you turn into? And if you'd like to see what else smiley gets up to other than fancy dress, look no further than the smiley in action msn emoticons.

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