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We did some msn emoticons research with girls and lovely ladies we know - young and old. Then we created this collection of free msn emoticons for all the lovely ladies out there. They've been very popular since we unleashed them. We've kept adding msn emoticons to the collection to appeal to lots of different types of girls so they can express any female msn emotions.

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The Princess Smiley and teddy bear are for young schoolgirls - spring chickens! All girls love flowers (we think!) so flowers had to be part of this total babe msn emoticons collection. Msn emoticons for messenger are important when you're getting ready to go on a date. We love the 'Miss Luscious Lips' msn emoticon - if she had hair she'd be blonde for sure. If you love babies or know someone who's just had one - send them one of the baby doll msn emotions. Those big eyes are inspired by the Simpson's baby 'Maggie' who's permanently sucking a dummy.

Little Miss Innocent?

Lots of girls love to appear to be totally angelic. The expression 'as if butter couldn't melt' springs to mind. They love making other people think they've got this halo over their head. That's why we have an angel and princess msn emoticons. A perfect Little Miss. However, inside lurks the naughty girl that's not so innocent, the minx that can't wait to get out.

More free msn emoticons?

If you do want more, take a look at our small cute emoticons or our emoticon avatars for girls. If you still want more, take a peep at our best of the web msn emotions collection of hug and kiss emoticons. If you're a tomboy you might prefer the bad boys emoticons collection.

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