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This Australian free emoticons collection is very stereotypical, we must admit. Given that we have a few Australian friends we decided it was essential to create these free emoticons. Australians are sporty - they love cricket, rugby, netball, cycling, rowing, swimming and have some strong national teams in these sports. That's why we had to have a few sports free emotions here.

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Where our ideas came from

Classic Australian expressions such as 'G'day' are essential free emoticons for our collection. Australians love barbecues so our collection had to include a barbecue free emoticon and of course a six pack of beer free smiley. You won't see cork hats in more cosmopolitan areas - save them for the bush to keep the flies away. You might see a few tourists adopting the look - that's why we needed free smileys to express it. And of course, be warned because all English tourists taste good to sharks that infest the waters. We created shark free emoticons just to warn you. The crocs can be feisty too. We warn you with our free emotions. So don't say we didn't warn you about crocs too! And if you're driving, watch out for Kangaroos hopping into the road. We've created free emoticons to warn you about that too. Other than that, Australia is a fairly safe place!

Live to surf!

If you've ever watched the soap opera 'Home and Away', you'll know life revolves around beaches and surfing (well it does if you live near the coast!). That's why our free emoticons collection wouldn't be complete without free smileys that reflect beach life - a beach free emoticon and an free smiley surfing. Lifesavers are very important so we acknowledge them we free smileys in our collection.

Some interesting facts

Well we think they're interesting! The population is just over 21 million, with approximately 60% of the population concentrated in and around the mainland state capitals such as Sydney and Melbourne. Australia is a huge land mass, much of which is desert like. The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef and is worth going to explore if you haven't yet.

Australia is full of English POMs (Prisoner of Her Majesty) - perhaps that's why so many Australians love fish and chips too? For something authentically british or if you're not into the aussie thing, how about our free emoticons collection of 'true brit' free emotions. Yes you guessed it, classic British stereotypes illustrated with free emoticons. Are you a true brit? Express your stiff upper lip with free emotions.

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