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Are you... crabby? Like dolphins? See a fish or just like talking about animals? Then you'll love our animal aquatic category of emoticons for MSN messenger. They're the perfect smileys... for your conversation today. Like when something's fishy, you can take out the goofy looking picture of a bug eyed shark! His teeth are... poking out of his smile, you know? Lol [<- insert "lol" on it's own line?]

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Fishy is funny. It is also very appropriate if you are taking a biology class. What are you studying? A dolphin! The underside of a shark's jaw! A turtle! Or say... you're tired of using the WORDS to say what kind of pet you have. Anyway, aquatic emoticons for MSN messenger. It's in the ocean... and a fish tank. At sea world, and in your home. You can click here to download these emoticons..

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